Car and Hire Car Initiative

testimonials5 photo12 September 2011 - Miami Smash Repairs is proud to announce a new loan car and hire car initiative. In addition to our fleet of Hyundai loan cars we are now able to offer our valued clients the option of loan cars from Audi, BMW and  Mercedes. These loan cars are new and are available free to our client's who are not at fault (your accident was caused by someone else) or have a hire car included in their insurance policy. The new Audi A3, 1 Series BMW and B Class Mercedes look great, are fuel efficient and allow you to experience the latest German engineering, ask our friendly staff for details.

Even for client's who are at fault but still require a vehicle this option allows you to hire a premium luxury vehicle at a reduced cost while your vehicle is being repaired at Miami Smash Repairs. Our friendly office staff can make all the arrangements to get you back on the road. Call 07 5535 9444 to enquire about this new service.