Additional Services

At Miami Smash Repairs, all repairs come with a Life Time Guarantee for the time that you own your vehicle. In addition to all accident related paint & panel repairs we also offer the following services, just ask any of our friendly staff to assist with any of these services.

  • Parts DirectParts Sourcing - Miami Smash also incorporates a parts finding service called Parts Direct. If you need a part for your car call us and let's see if we can source the right part at the right price. New, aftermarket or second hand, if you need it we can get it!! Call us on 0424434055 and let us know the date and month of manufacture of your car (you will find this on your compliance plate) and the model and we will source your part asap!!

  • Vehicle Detailing - Besides improving appearance, detailing helps to preserve the re-sale value of your car. At Miami Smash we take pride in our vehicle detailing results which includes a thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of the vehicles paint work to produce a high quality level of finish and presentation. In addition the process involves cleaning and bringing a shine to the car's chrome and moulded trims, windows, wheels and tyres. Specific products are used to achieve this finish including detergents, detail clay, waxes, polishes, and a variety of applicators and special cloths. The interior of the car is also thoroughly cleaned including cleaning the dash area, panels, windows and seats. Vacuuming is standard on all interior details, steam cleaning and liquid cleaners may be used to remove stains on upholstery if required.

  • PaintlessPaintless Dent Removal - The most common use for paintless dent removal is the repair of hail damage, small dings, small body creases, and minor bumper dents. The techniques can also be applied to help prepare damaged panels for painting.

  • Windscreen Replacement and Repair - Whether your windscreen has a small chip, a crack that is getting bigger or is smashed we can arrange for it to be repaired or replaced by our expert windscreen specialist, of course all repairs or replacements come with an appropriate warranty.

  • Air Conditioning Services - Your car doesn't have to have been in an accident to get the Miami Smash treatment. Is your air conditioning not getting cold enough? We can have the air conditioning system tested and re-gassed if required to make sure that on those hot days you will still be at that 'just right' temperature.

  • Paint Protection - Our paint protection products are used to chemically bond to the painted surface of your car and forms a protective barrier between the car paint and destructive elements such as UV Light (which otherwise causes the paint to fade over time) acid rain, bird droppings, salt spray and other corrosive substances. Unlike ordinary wax, paint protection will not melt away, some commonly used car waxes have a melting point of just 84 Degrees C which in a hot Australian summer means your paint is not entirely protected to the maximum extent possible. The chemical bonding of our paint protection means never having to worry about temperature again.

  • Wheel AlignmentWheel Alignments - Whether your car is pulling to one side or is simply wearing it's tyres prematurely we can give it a two or four wheel alignment to make sure it drives straight, maximises tyre life and is as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

  • Window Tinting - Window tinting is one of the best ways to lower your cabin temperature, maintain the durability of your vehicle's interior, improve the presentation of your vehicle and avoid UV exposure. Various window tinting options are available from light through to the darkest legal tint as well as different colour options. Let us know your preferred option and we can arrange the tinting of your car to fit in with your schedule.

  • data dot

    Data Dot Security - Miami Smash specialize in Data Dot Security. The high tech identification technology is a polyester substrate which is laser etched with microscopic identification information (eg: license number) that is easy for police to trace. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the data dots are suspended in a clear drying liquid adhesive which is brushed or sprayed onto your assets such as vehicle, motorbike, caravan, watercraft, Golf Clubs or TV. The supplied "Protected by DataDot Technology" warning label sends a clear message to thieves that the item they may be targeting are identifiable. Used by manufacturers worldwide including Porsche, BMW, Mini, HSV, Subaru and Mitsubishi the DataDot provides an extra level of security for many of your possessions.

  • Mid Size Trucks & Buses - At our sister shop EASTCOASTAUTOBODY we specialise in mid size trucks and buses.  At EASTCOASTAUTOBODY we understand the importance of high quality and timely repairs of commercial vehicles because when they are not running, the business isn’t running.  Come and see Craig and the team for an estimate for any of your commercial vehicles, we'll do it right and get you back to business!

  • Caravans - In 2005 the team at Miami Smash branched out to establish The Caravan Repair Company with a team of experienced caravan repairers.  They can do it all from servicing, hail and accident damage, re-painting, interior upgrades and modifications to accessory supply and fitment.  Visit the website for more information. 

  • Loan Car - Available at no additional cost is the option of a luxury Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz while your car is being repaired with Miami Smash Repairs.  These cars are available for people who either have a rental car option in their policy or are not at fault in an accident.  Please ask our friendly staff when booking your vehicle in to arrange your luxury replacement loan car.  These luxury cars are in addition to our fleet of Hyundai Getz loan cars which are available to all clients.