How We Do It

Auto Body Cleaning

Initial Inspection
Your car will be inspected for damage and appropriate repairs quoted.

Assistance with claim lodgment
Our dedicated office team can assist you with your claim lodgment from the comfort of our offices. Our customer service staff are there to simplify this process for you, which, when unassisted, can be time consuming and frustrating.

Insurance company approval
All insurance companies work differently and gaining approval can take time. We will do all we can to get your approval through as soon as possible. Once we have been notified of your approval we can book your vehicle in to have the repairs completed and order the required parts.

Auto Body Buff

At this stage each vehicle is disassembled to expose all hidden damage. Should any hidden damage be uncovered an additional quotation is prepared and appropriate parts are ordered.

Customer Updates
Our customer service staff will ring you with updates as required, especially with more complex jobs. If at any time you have a query do not hesitate to call us on 07 5535 9444, if you can quote your registration number or know the name of your estimator this will speed up the process.

Panel & Structural Repairs
At this point each vehicle is measured and reset if required using approved aligning equipment, to ensure the settings match factory specifications. All repair work is conducted in strict compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Auto Body Spray Painter 2Prepare and Paint
Vehicle's are prepared for painting with manufacturer approved paint systems.  Paint is applied in a climate controlled spray booth which complies with manufacturer specifications, ensuring paint durability and a factory finish.

Once the fresh paintwork has dried, the vehicle panels are then buffed & polished.

At this stage each vehicle is re-assembled and quality checked against manufacturers specifications. Each vehicle is then road tested and mechanical checks are performed where necessary.

Wash, Vacuum & Final Inspection
Finally, each vehicle is washed and vacuumed and a final quality inspection is conducted.

Warranty on all Repairs
All vehicles receive the finest quality repairs available, guaranteed.